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May 29, 2020… the Lodge remains closed per California Governor’s COVID-19 mandate.  While the Lodge has been closed there has been a group of members working very hard to clean and update the lodge.  If you have any time or skills you’d like to share, please jump in to help.  Call Dan Papp @ 760-310-8031 or 760-751-9940 or talk to one of the Lodge officers.  Those members that have been working for weeks are getting pretty tired and some new energy would be greatly appreciated.  We’re planning to open again on June 3rd for the WOTM meeting.  For this first week the Lodge will open with a meal service at 5:30 PM, we hope to be allowed to go back to our normal hours, opening at 3:30 PM the week of June 8th.   Meanwhile, stay safe, and we hope to see you soon.