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Opening Times This Week

  • Monday CLOSED
  • Tuesday CLOSED
  • Wednesday TBA
  • Thursday TBA
  • Friday CLOSED
  • Saturday TBA
  • Sunday TBA

COVID-19 Update 11/13/2020

Governor Newsom and the County Board of Supervisors strikes again. As of November 10, 2020, San Diego has been moved to the PURPLE TIER. This means all inside dining has been moved back outside. While the Mayors of some cities have chosen to turn the other cheek, our Lodge is located in the County of San Diego, not the City of Escondido. The County authorities have already contacted the Lodge (Don’t forget, our own members turned us in and put us on the watch list). The County authorities have advised they will be enforcing the Purple Tier regulations, along with the fines that go with infractions. Therefore, we must move dining operations outside. In the summer, we could make this work in the park, but the Fall/Winter temperatures are too cold most days to offer meals or events in the park. For these reasons, the Lodge is Closed until December 1, 2020’s COVID 19 report for San Diego County. With any luck, we’ll move back into the RED TIER, not great, but better.

Click to learn more … about the current situation.

Please see our calendar for latest details.


Monday-11/09, LODGE & PARK CLOSED

Tuesday-11/10, Dinner 6-8 PM by Maria & Crew, ROLLED TACOS, SALAD, DESSERT (IN LODGE)

Tuesday-11/10, Line Dance Class 6-8 PM by DUFFY (IN LODGE)

Wednesday-11/11, Dinner 6-8 PM by Tinna, GOULASH

Wednesday-11/11, Guitar Night 6-8:30 PM, lessons and jamming (IN THE PARK)

Thursday-11/12, LODGE CLOSED

Friday-11/13, LODGE CLOSED

Saturday-11/14, LODGE CLOSED

Sunday-11/15, LODGE CLOSED


Tuesday-11/17, LODGE/PARK CLOSED

Wednesday 11/18- WOTM General Meeting 7 PM (Lodge Dining Room)–NO FOOD

Thursday-11/19, LOOM Board Meeting 6:30 PM (lodge Dining Room)–NO FOOD

Thursday 11/19-LOOM General Meeting 7 PM (Lodge Dining Room)–NO FOOD

Thursday 11/19-LOOM House Committee Meeting to follow General Meeting (Lodge Dining Room)–NO FOOD




Enjoy A Sunday breakfast at the Moose!

Enjoy A Sunday breakfast at the Moose!



Have a great Friday Night dinner then dance to the band or Karaoke



Grab a dinner then join the Line Dancing